Scholarships to study MBA or Masters in Australian Business Schools

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Getting a good scholarship is often a deciding criteria for MBA or Masters program applicants

The number of International students applying to Australian Business Schools surged in recent years. With a developed economy, high standard of living & great career opportunities, Australia has been one of the most preferred destinations to students applying for MBA and other management programs. For a large percentage of students applying for these programs, one of the important criteria of selection is the availability of financial aid in form of scholarships. Schools use scholarships to not only help deserving students get good education but also to attract best applicants. For example, Melbourne Business School, one of the leading business schools in Australia, paid A$ 1.3 million as total scholarship in 2015. Schools offer different types of scholarships & applicants can apply in more than one depending on their background.

Merit Scholarships: Majority of scholarships offered are merit scholarships which are given to high caliber students based on their profile. In some cases, scholarship applications form part of program application and in others, applicants are required to apply separately. For example, Dean's International Management Scholarship (A$ 85470) at Melbourne Business School & Business Leader Postgraduate Scholarship (50% of the tuition fees) at University of Sydney Business School are offered to students based on their profiles.

Scholarship for Women: To promote gender diversity in school as well as in industry, most of the business schools in Australia offer generous scholarships for female applicants. UQ Business School offers 4 scholarships for 50% tuition waiver & Australia Business school at University of New South Wales offers “Up to full tuition waiver” to deserving women applicants. Similarly, Monash Business School offers multiple scholarships for both Australian & International applicants.

Scholarship for specific countries/regions: To attract best international talents & to promote cultural diversity, schools offer scholarships to applicants depending on their country of origin. UQ Business School offers scholarships to students from India, Europe, Malaysia, Taiwan, Colombia & Indonesia. Similarly, Australia Business School at University of New South Wales offers “Up to full tuition waiver” to two recipients per region: Southeast Asia, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, North America, South/Central America, Europe & Africa. Asian development bank with assistance from Govt of Japan awards scholarship for full tuition fees & Living allowances for students from developing economies at Melbourne Business School.

Australia Awards Scholarships: Australian govt awards scholarships to deserving students to cover cost of tuition fees & return air travel through its Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

There are also some special scholarships available for candidates working in specific industry or for travelling on exchange programs. Macquarie Graduate School of Management offers scholarship for candidates working in financial & healthcare/pharmaceutical industry. University of Sydney business school offers travel scholarship for its Master in Management CEMS program.

So if you are looking to apply for MBA or Masters program in Australian business schools, you can check out various scholarships being offered in following schools:

Melbourne Business School

UQ Business School

Macquarie Graduate School of Management

Australia Business School

University of Sydney Business School

ANU College of Business and Economics

La Trobe Business School

Monash Business School

Sydney Business School

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